Friday, September 22, 2017

join me @ wordpress

- I am not perfect / made for change -

so...I made a move with my blog from blogger to wordpress. I am keeping this one alive just in case I change my mind. so, I will link from here to there for a while. but follow along at the new link if you don't mind! ;) 

(also yes, while importing I imported this blog back into this blog by accident so all previous posts are doubled at the moment. whoops.)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

good growing

sometimes the summers with not much planned are good summers of good growing. 
emotions can get us going. comparison can get us in funks. but Jesus can grow us good. He puts us back in the perspective we should still be seeing.
I love these quiet moments when I can find them. they teach little things, little by little. I hope you find your quiet & teachable moments too.

happy tuesday! xo

how was your summer?
- also, I am excited that fall is coming. apples and pumpkin everything, anyone? ;)