Wednesday, February 1, 2012

it came.

Yesterday I got really-really excited when I heard the mail truck coming down the street.

This is my new Panasonic-Lumix GF2- I absolutely love it.
I was in the middle of writing down my study notes when It got here.
( let's just say I was quite excited. )
Here are a few of my favorite shots i've taken so far..
laughing Giddy.
silly faces.
photog soph.
turquoise kodak.
hair & scarf.
winter hat.
winter girl.
life of Giddy.
paper hearts.
paper hearts.
black lumix.
orange juice.
tree greenery.
pine tree.
red apple.
(and yes,I said good-bye to my craft blog.I just didn't really want to have another thing I had to keep updated or like I felt..I 'have' to do a tutorial.I just didn't know what it was about much anymore.Neither did I have much inspiration.So I will post photos of crafts I do on here and maybe some simple tutorials but nothing my dashboard is back down to one simple blog :)

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