Monday, February 20, 2012

snow camp 2 0 1 2

This weekend I went on a winter snow camp retreat with my youth group. it wasn't as snowy as we would have liked.. then again, it wasn't snowing at home either. I took a nap and played hide and seek in the dark. my friends heated his canned meatballs& spaghetti with the van heater.. as you can see it was an entertaining ride home. each night we had sharing and a bible session time. all in all.. it was a great weekend.




we all got our hairs did.

we went on a walk.

we're amused easily? ;)

filling the tube back up with toothpaste= not possible.

the prayers going out.
we're all famous.. maybe, almost.
my special ducky hails. :)
I love this.
and this.
I take pictures of burgers.


  1. sounds like fun! I always wanted to go to snow camp...but it's toooo far to drive for just the weekend :/

  2. my church does our own snow camp,which is only about three hours away from us.I've always wanted to go to WOL's snow camp,but yes...just too far for only the weekend.