Wednesday, April 11, 2012

beyond comprehension

Many times without us even knowing it,we take the gift of Salvation for granted.We sometimes ''boast'' in what we really can't boast.What we need to and can boast in is Jesus Christ,for what He dying on the cross for our dirty sins.Without even knowing it we go through life with not even thinking of why and how we are alive..and why and how we will have eternal life in Heaven..we need to stop and think.THINK about how we have life+will have eternal life.There is nothing we can do or did to save ourselves.The death Jesus took for our sins is beyond our comprehension,and we need to really thank Him for what He did.We can't even come close to comprehend what pain He took for sinners,that did nothing for Him to deserve a horrible death.THAT shows just how much He really and truly loves us..His love is more than we can ever comprehend.

. . .
"and I will boast in the cross,boast in my pains, I will boast in the sunshine, boast in His reign.what's my life, if it's not praising you." ---

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