Wednesday, June 13, 2012

15+birthday thoughts

Wow,fifteen years. When you look at it,life really goes by quick;I mean quick.It feels like just yesterday I was ten years old in elementary school.It feels like just yesterday my four year old brother was born.It feels like just yesterday,2012 began.It feels like just yesterday,it feels like just yesterday,it feels like just yesterday.I could go on+on+on.But it's true;life is just a vapor.Yesterday,marks the date of the start of my story;I have so many memories,so many glimpses,so many scenes,so many friendships,so many stories,so many pictures.I could go on+on+on. I have wondered before,'what is my purpose?' 'What is my reason?' Maybe it's that I'm still figuring it out;Maybe God is just to lead me in a way,and I should follow.I don't really know,but of what I do know:I do have a reason;whether I'm still figuring it out or not.In this next year I want to begin fresh;I want to go out and be that girl who is here for a reason.In this next year I feel God has amazing plans for me.Summer is here+i'm ready for that too;ready to make this the best summer yet  :)
(presents photo credit-little sister.)
(photo credit-dad.)
my birthday-shortcake :)
blessings of many birthday cards
birthday dinner!
splurged at target with birthday giftcards

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