Monday, June 18, 2012

e l e v e n

[ word of life island trip | | 2011 ]

muddy feet,sharing one shower with twelve,a cool lake,long meal lines,plugged toilets,unforgettable memories,amazing friendships. This is my ''week-in-words'' that I re-live once a year.. and in exactly 11 days I will be living it once again. Every year we make the best of memories and I just can't wait to see what is in store for us this year. God always has something amazing planned! This is the first time I get to see my big brother in months+the first time in a year to meet up with last year cabin friends :)

I am so much more than excited;and it's only 11 days away.
here's a few requests you can keep us in prayer for:
[1] safety.
[2] positive words+actions.
[3] good examples.
[4] Teens Involved.
[5] counselors/cabin-mates.
[6] preparing our hearts as we hear The Word.
[7] my friend Jonny as he prepares to go,his experience,and the Christian impact on him.

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