Tuesday, June 26, 2012

marshmallows & four days

The chill of the night started to set in, and the sun started to go down as we got ready for a last-minute campfire.We pulled on some sweatpants, grabbed a jacket or two, and headed outside- barefeet and all. We went back into the house at least once ( or twice ) moregrabbing the marshmallows, crackers, and nutella. ( hershey bars substitute ) As we sat around the camp fire, the heat and smell started to kick in.We grabbed a roasting stick and dug our hands into the sticky marshmallow bag. I love summer nights, and knowing you don't have to get up and really do anything scheduled the next morning is the best feeling ever. To end the night we cracked some glow sticks and snapped a few more pictures.

Packing,lists, last-minute shopping, studying like I don't know what, and cramming some practices in here and there. #FOURDAYSWOLISLAND

Oh.. I was really really brave and cut my hair short. Maybe i'll post pictures sometime- who knows.

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  1. MMMMmmmm, S'mores!!
    I bet your hair looks great:)