Monday, July 9, 2012

word of life island 2 0 1 2

my week at the Word Of Life Island has once again come and gone.While the week was filled with a lot of Teens Involved, I still had one of the most amazing times ever. God was so awesome,my friends were the best,and our counselor was great. It was absolutely amazing to see all the young people surrendering to the Lord. The worship team was soo good.. the songs were incredible and the beat of worship-time was really ''worshipful'' (and the worship-leader wears

during the week worship was some thing I learned that I need to be more about. worship isn't just singing songs and raising our hands: it's a lifestyle of how we live and showing it to the world. I also got something out of the thought of, not just ''reading'' God's word, but studying it. One more major thing I really got out of the week was- love.This isn't something they even talked about,but what my two best friends& I kept bring up to ourselves. So my project is to memorize 1 Corinthians 13:1-7 and keep accountable with living it out!

and around five o'clock we finally got registered. :)

dolling-up for rally night.
that crazy, red-girl named jasmine.
my girls all dressed down in blue. :)
4th of july feet& boat lights.

party barge!
I love you guys!
bye-bye Word Of Life Island.. see you next year! :)
Lines,lines,lines,going to bed at mid-night and waking up at seven. Up and down a hills, (I don't even know how many times),filthy feet every night- and I'm still loving it. I'm at the point where I really miss it and want to be there again. This year didn't seem like it was one of the best,but then again it does. Each year I have a different experience and am touched in a different way. Aaand I really wish I would've taken more pictures.. aaand recorded the one direction imitation.( that wouldda been awesome to watch again. ) But what I brought back as memories are the best. :)

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I agree - memories are the best keepsakes :)