Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall is just about here and some chilly weather is starting to set in. Though i'd like summer to stay a bit longer, I think I am ready for the new year. ( well, as ready as i'll ever be. ) I've been feeling inspired and felt like accomplishing things lately, like some of those thousands of pinterest projects? oh yeah. I'm trying to help myself become more accountable to people. This year i'm going to hold up my fellow friends in the Lord.. and maybe take them out for ice cream? ;) I think I may start my own look book.. which I think will be fun and give me something to do. (go here for ideas on your own.) I am also (slowly.) refreshing some of my closet, with getting some new clothing and getting rid of those things I never wear. Right now I am  in prayer about a future missions trip. (more on this another day.) I read on a blog, (or at least I think that's wear I saw it?) to smile more and be a happy person; when i'm taking a walk or in the store, be friendly and at least smile- you might just make someone's day. Lastly.. the next thing I am planning to purchase is a new camera lens. any suggestions? < this is just some of what i'm doing,planning to do, and getting done- although you'll probably find me in a big sweatshirt,drinking hot cider.
what are you planning during this fall season?

xoxo // olivia grace

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