Friday, September 21, 2012

extra summer thoughts

summer has pretty much vanished within a snap of my fingers. In May I was so excited for summer to hurry up and get here, and now it's gone. I really don't even feel like I did very much this summer,but looking back on all the memories I really did. At the beginning of summer I made a little bucket list and also started a summer project; I accomplished some off of my list and for the most part my project was fulfilled. This post wasn't meant to bore you with words that don't make any sense or suppose to be me rambling on about nothing. This was meant to encourage you and myself to treasure the moments we have and remember the memories we made. My summer may have gone by quick, but I will never-ever forget the memories I made or the things I did. I even find myself laughing out loud about some of the moments I had this summer. I  took oh, so many photos and filled many pages of my journal with memories so I can remember this one.

vbs day one.

we got him good.

day out with grandma&grandpa.

rockin' the glasses.

big brother's wolbi graduation.

I can't display every memory & every picture since they are all still fresh in my mind. ( and most of them probably wouldn't even make sense or be funny to you. )  But, I encourage you to think of the memories you made, close your eyes, and picture them- and smile. But most of all remember this summer: because it may be the best one you ever had.

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  1. Loving that last sentence; so true. Summer was stupendous. xo