Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Originally this post was supposed to go out sunday afternoon or yesterday evening... or at least close to that. And that post was suppose to be on our mini, two-day vacay. The day after we got home I some how, lost my camera's memory card. The one with all 300-something images from the past month on it... I have still to yet find it. I am quite frustrated with myself, for it is not like me to lose things. So while I don't have a post with pictures from our trip, I will share some of my past week photos that I still do have access to.
ipod // iced coffee // writing || mini-vacay roadtrip.

golden corral.

saw this stamp at hobby lobby and snapped a photo. I thought it was worth a smile :)

target clearance dress. // and it has pockets. winning :)

yearly zoo trip.

splash lagoon.

first time to steak n shake.

finally got my back pack-purse. I kept waiting for that perfect deal... claire's @ $18

pretty clouds.

found this on my dresser when I got home :) best. brother. ever.

diy cardigan.

giving coffee a try.

peanut-butter chocolate chip.

fall weather is starting to set in & september is here.

tuesday mornings

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