Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Last Pieces

my day spent at the beach:  sitting in the sun,digging my feet in the sand,splashing in the waters with the little brother, and just plain catching-up the last pieces of summer. ( and maybe i'm just a little in love with the look of barefeet in the sand? ) //

In honor of the first day of september, I made pumpkin spice cheesecake muffins. (another recipe checked off of my pinterest.) And now begins the time for baggy // cozy sweatshirts,sweatpants,and fall lattes; but as the warm weather is still here, I hope to enjoy the rest of it. ( maybe before september leaves us I will write one more thing on summer.. for I never want to forget this one. )
how did you enjoy your last days of summer? what are your favorites about fall?

xoxo // olivia grace

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  1. hey there! love your blog. so pretty.(: you take great pictures. i LOVE the beach!!!!! so awesome.(:
    hope you visit my blog!