Monday, October 1, 2012

fabric tied garland (diy) . . .

you will need: 
fabric scraps, string/twine, scissors, flat iron (optional).
. . .
cut your fabric scraps in strips as shown. you can do them all the same, different, or even in a pattern- however you would like it to look. (cut as many or as little as you like.)
unroll the amount of twine you will need to string all your fabric across. 
added note: make sure to leave some extra space on the ends to hang up. 

tie your twine or string across something. example: i used two benches.
(this is not a must, but makes it way easier in the end.)
tie your fabric strips along your string or twine. (double-knot.)

I have a few little tips to make it look better, but these are totally optional: 
put your fabric strip on the twine wrong-side up, as shown.

now double-knot the strip.
(the ties seemed to ''flip'' and would then show the non-printed side. this way when they ''flip'' over it shows more of the print.)

heat your flat iron on high and iron out each side of the fabric tie. 
(this also helps to keep the fabric showing .)
. . .
. . .
idea via pinterest