Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall is . . .

fall is the time for chicken noodle soup. fall is when we experiment every pumpkin latte recipe on pinterest. fall is when it starts getting chilly. fall is sweatpants and hoodie weather. fall is when we start prepping for thanksgiving. fall is the time for pretty leaves. (the red-orange are my favorite.) fall is full of yummy desserts and snacks. fall is dark,orange sunsets. fall is big sweatshirts and evening hot cider. i really love fall, and next to summer it's my favorite.

inspiration via.

i love her lots.

first pumpkin latte of the season. // recipe via.

enjoyed these for breakfast in celebration of the first of fall. // recipe via.

saying good bye to old friends.

family day-trip to the state park.

salamance evangelism trip 2012

i went out to take pictures at the perfect hour. it was so pretty.

oatmeal cream pies= success. // recipe via.

i don't stop drinking this stuff just cause winter is on it's way. ;)

i decided to hang up christmas lights just because.

pumpkin latte number four? i told you we experiment a lot with these. // recipe via.

home made head bands // inspiration via.

my first top-knot // inspiration via.

inspiration via. // post on this some other day soon.

inspiration via.


over all fall is treating me pretty well. how is it for you? :)


  1. My fall is going all right. (:
    I love these pictures! it's like a story of your life with pictures; i love it!