Wednesday, November 7, 2012

what about me | 11 things you may (or may not) know

I'd rather sleep in than get up early.
It usually never wins.. at least not when I want to work out and get at school work.

I rarely ever do anything ''with'' my hair and barely ever wear make up.
It's usually because I forget, don't go anywhere that day, or wait until ten minutes before.. and by then I don't have enough time to do anything. So usually, a messy bun or pony tail wins.

I'm one of those homeschoolers who double-up.
So I can have a movie night, sleep in, or have the next day off.

I don't watch very much television.
The occasional leave it to beaver or little house& dr. quinn marathons. ..and sometimes, sometimes, dr.phil.

I'm usually a very organized person.
Yes, i'm not known for messy, but when I get busy or lazy.. my room does gets thrown apart.

I'm not sure what I want to do with my future life.
.. and at this point I don't think college is the plan. But we'll see what God has in store!

I have three siblings.
four year old ''spider-man lover'' brother, eleven year old ''artsy-fartsy'' sister, and eighteen year old ''elctronic, media, and camera techy'' brother.

I'm on a saving spree.
I'm on the verge for a camera lens upgrade, and it's reaaallly hard. Everything i've been eyeing at target instantly went on sale right when I started to seriously save.. or i'll see something I really want and know when I actually have money: it will be out of stock. It's also a bad idea to start saving right before Christmas. Cheapo Christmas gifts.. here we come!

I am partial to mostly every genre of music.. except country.
Sorry Taylor Swift. ( Although, I did hear her new album is really good. )

I laugh.. a lot.
I kind of laugh at a lot of everything. Especially when i'm with my friends.. or maybe it's because, they really are insanely funny. :)

Pinterest is my best friend.
But, you probably already know this.

 ( i just got the ''afterglow'' app yesterday.. so in love. ^ )


  1. Cyber high five for the Dr. Quinn watching. That's one of my favorite shows that my mom and I used to watch together when I was younger. Also, good luck and good job on saving up for that lens. I just got a new one recently and I feel like my world has changed!

  2. Saving spree going on here too! (It stinks, but new equipment is worth it!)