Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a bit of pink & blue // what i wore



I haven't used my camera in a few days, and felt really bad about that. Like I betrayed a friend or something. The past few days i've been feeling really uninspired. I didn't know what to ''do''.. or even ''what'' to capture. Today I decided to head outside & just let it go. Amung my little photo ''adventure'', I did make something that I was at least a little pleased with. Sometimes when there is no inspiration, you need to do it anyway.  After all the camera fun was done, I ended my afternoon with listening to some Lecrae & drinking a mug of hot chocolate. (after I  froze my fingers.) (& may I add: it was really good hot chocolate-- Swiss Miss to the rescue!)
sweater-- kmart
bottoms-- target
head bandana-- walmart?
shoes-- walmart
bag-- christmas gift // kmart

I have something ''new'' coming to the blog soon-- be ready for that. Also: in my next (or after next) post, I will be sharing a little something exciting that's happening in the far-- but near future. Kinda, really excited! xx


  1. So cute, colored pants make everything better! Can't wait to see what you've got coming up!!! :)

  2. LOVE the bandana. I wear them all the time. so great!