Friday, January 4, 2013

heart attack in a box (diy)

-- one cardboard box
-- 10 (or more) colored paper hearts
-- tape, wrapping paper, & other decorative items
-- pictures, candy, or other items to fill with

start with colored hearts. I made white, red, & pink ones. I also used three different sized cookie cutters to trace them out.

next, write down on each heart things you love about the person. it can be memories, favorite things they do, & what you love specifically about them.

add in favorite photos. 

wrap or cover your box with paper. you can add anything you want to the outside as well. (ex. paper hearts, stickers, washi tape, etc.)

add in there favorite candy.

once your box is ''heart attack'' ready, set your pile of hearts (and photos, if used) on the bottom. 

lay on top any extra things you want to add in. ( i just included candy, & photos.)

finish up & seal your box. I used ''washi'' tape. (my first set of rolls... i love it. :)

add a name tag & you're good to go!
so, go make a heart attack for your best friend. they're super fun to put together. 

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  1. oh. that is adorable! and I am dying to get myself some washi tape!! they look darling!

  2. Ohh, that is the cutest idea in the world!! You are so creative, I will have to give the heart attach in a box idea a go. thanks for posting it. Kelsi