Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A memory worth remembering

sunday night i went on memory lane ''amplified'' as i tried falling asleep, and last night i decided to go on memory lane once again, which consisted of looking through old albums, picture books, & throwback cd's. today, i'm blogging about it. ---

the picture with my friend & i in a nursery chair was taken when we were little babies. i still know him & we're pretty close friends. not to mention that were now, almost sixteen.

i found this dc talk cd in my basement. they started the group in 1987 & this cd was put out in 1990. it was a throwback when i thought it was cool.

it feels like just yesterday i graduated from elementary school. it feels like just yesterday i was in kindergarten. i know this is so cliche, but it's true. some things i feel like i don't remember & didn't try to cherish. that's why this year i'm putting forth effort. real effort to cherish & remember. ''we only live once. and if you do it right, once is enough'' << this is true. and i want it to be true for my life. i love thinking back, smiling, laughing, and remembering. especially when you have to go back a few years - then it gets really fun. but i don't want to ever forget. the things i did - the friends i have, or had. and that's why going down memory lane every once in a while is okay. you should try every now and then too. make memories that are worth remembering.
(i felt like typing in all small caps today i guess.)


  1. Oh I love this. So much fun looking back at old pictures! I love doing it too :)
    xx | Natalia,

  2. This is awesome. I love going back and reliving memories.