Thursday, January 10, 2013

my {2013} list

pump the tunes, lift your hands in the air, and have a dance party. we are here & we have made it! here is 2013. 

my twenty-thirteen list // things I want to do & goals i'd love to reach


.improve on reading more. 
- purchase a new camera lens
- journal
- do photo projects (specifically this & this)
- accomplish pinterest projects 
- love more
- do more for (& with) my friends
- send/give spontaneous encouragement letters
- grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ
- finish / start my inspiration wall
- cover one a wall with pictures
- give a heart attack. (click the link. really, i'm not crazy.)
(this and this have been on replay for like two weeks. i've legit listened to them like fifty times each. you should too. and crank it. plus this whole cd is really great.)


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  2. Oh our lists are so similar! Love it. Best of luck to you. xx | Natalia.

  3. lists are fun and they make my heart happy & new years are exciting and encouraging. can't wait to watch you grow and accomplish all these things in 2013! :)

  4. oh lists are so happy! I can't wait to see how you do! :D

  5. These are like the cutest pictures ever. You are cool and funny, okay? :)

  6. Your pics are really cool. you look co cute on the one you have a cup in the hand and a big smile on your face ;-) Your list looks good too !
    Have a great day !
    Marie, a reader from France