Monday, February 18, 2013

Snow Camp Retreat 2013 >>>

this is what happens when you call your main leader, mr. rooselvelt: ''mam'' 
how gorgeous! :p
 and we weren't done at that. >>
 sometimes we show love in weird, but fun ways.
 getting prettier by the minute :)

domino victory!

 they're cray.
 oh yeah, them too.

shaving cream swaggg.

 love them. <3

 matching scarves.
the crew!

This weekend I went on our yearly winter retreat with my student ministries group. it was a really amazing weekend all the way around. i'm not one who really loves the snow, but i still have a good time and do get in the snow. (even if only for a little while.) The first night we were there we had an injury. (actually within three hours.) My friend sprained his ankle, so he was down and out on crutches. we felt pretty bad for him. Every little while we sat and kept him company and such. Candlelight sharing night, may have been one of my favorites though. it was really touching and amazing to hear everyone's input and testimonies. even if some did bring tears. hearts have been changed and are growing. God is so amazing. We also laughed a lot. like always :) we just as well had much fun, just goofing with eachother. like tying our friends to poles and chairs, and making them pretty, pretty. and late-night uno is really fun. and entertaining. once i get past an hour of the night (or early morning) i start dozing it and get kinda ''loopy.'' although some people think it's
funny to play around with that. but my friends are still pretty awesome people. just saying. ;) honestly i don't know what i would do without them. they bring a lot of smiles and it makes me feel really good to know i have all these people in my life that love me.  i had a great weekend and was really blessed.
i didn't take as many photos as i wish i would have, but it's all good. xx

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