Monday, February 4, 2013

what about me | 13 things you may (or may not) know

i love to eat brussel sprouts.
for fun. like for snacks. especially mixed in with cream of mushroom soup. try it. just try it.

i shop for sweatpants in the men's section.
my mom thinks it's weird. but they're just different, & better than girl's. (in my opinion.)

i use the ''God's Word'' translation in my bible.
and love it.

my favorite color is lime green.
but is slowly changing/ shifting to teal.

i strongly dislike the movie ''finding nemo''
i've only seen it twice, but both times found it extra boring. and i don't really have a thing for cartoon fish. sorry nemo fans.

i'm learning/ have been learning american sign language.
i sign for fun, and mostly do it along to songs. i've accomplished & learned about six.

i'm half-way to my camera lens.
whoop! i cannot wait.

i warm my coffee up at least ten times.
per mug.

i'm going to africa in july.
with two of my friends. and we're getting really excited.

i'm contemplating about cutting/ doing something with my hair.
still undecided.

i sleep with socks on.

sometimes my friends call me a calendar.
only because i actually pay attention during student ministry announcements. or i just really like dates & numbers. you pick.

i find iced coffee better than hot. 
but do drink both.


  1. brussel sprouts are the bombbb.
    I'm so sad you don't like Nemo! ahh!!
    yay!! what lens are you saving for? :)
    dude, my friends think I'm a freak because I remember every single date about every single thing. I'm not alone! Woohoo! :) :)

    1. really? haha. all my friends think i'm crazy for eating brussels with pleasure. i made them try it :) and i'm trying to save for the sigma 30mm 2.8. xx.

  2. I love Brussels sprouts, but I'm a new convert! My favorite ways is to caramelize them with garlic and cranberries and balsamic vinegar (just a little) - how do you prepare them?