Thursday, March 21, 2013

for when I am {bored}

Lately it seems like i've been "bored" quite a bit. SO: a while back i had come across and pinned some lists. (for wasting time/creative things to do/when you're bored). so going from other ideas and coming up with a few of my own, i put together a "for when you're bored" list:

>> write down ten things you're thankful for
do as many push-ups/ sit-ups ''as you can'' in one minute <<
>> reminisce 
build a fort << 
>> listen to a different music genere
bake <<
>> write down three things you'd like to change about you/ life, three things you love.
write a letter <<
>> sit down and jot down the first ten things you automatically think about. 
take a walk <<
>> do your hair
write your name, and make it into art. <<
>> take a nap

here are some other lists i found: one / two / three


happy weekend x


  1. I do the sit ups one all the time. It always helps me clear my head and be able to focus on what I need too!

  2. i love the list you put together. it's so sweet! also, your blog is also really lovely.