Thursday, March 14, 2013

life in vsco | two

inspiration booking

sunday morning cinna-buns

 snowy days

 devos & coffee


afternoon silhouettes

just an average day

sorting through snow camp photos

sunday morning eyes

 cookie dough  // recipe via

morning granola

favorite socks and tea

uno blurrs

 stripes + mustard + gold

 sometimes iced is better than hot coffee

we goin pink 

 target always wins. always.

snow days with my girls 

denny's knows the truth.

fridays out with these beauties.

friday night convos with this boy

early mornings (teens involved 2013)

we dug that pink.

blank ceilings


photography shots.


 spontaneous cookie baking

his little face.

coffee days/coffee for days


x happy weekend!


  1. What cool pictures. I love that first quote.

  2. I don't even know where to begin! Every photo was awesome :D I love the soft, almost grainy quality they have. Those are my favorite types of photos. And your life looks so much fun! This was a really entertaining post :)

    1. well, thank you. even though i don't find it fun all the time. vsco cam app for the win :)