Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a little bit of everything +

reflections / 4 18 13 /

o r a n g e (a new favorite)

spring blooms / out of focus

brussel sprouts

hop scotch + shadows

chalking quotes / via g1c /

church flowers

ice cream in a cup (on warm, gorgeous!) spring days

my latest target win: $7.58 / also finding that orange shoes are kinda fun. ;)
I seem to blog on a lot of wednesdays. (i dunno, a coincidence probably)
today is warm and SO gorgeous! (i also seem to enjoy wednesdays a lot more as well.... i guess wednesday is just my day ;) enjoying the weather with walks, windows open, ice cream, swings, and new shoes. :) :)
and just on a side note... i haven't really been finding myself actually taking as many pictures with my camera. trying to change this and capture life more. so hopefully the next few posts will be filled with real, actual sooc pictures. :)

hoping you enjoy your day & evening.

ps- cheers to may first xx