Wednesday, June 26, 2013

bittersweet moving-ons

two of my best friends graduated from high school this year. which makes me realize i have barely two years left myself. growing up went by too fast and that makes me realize how fast this whole life is going by. now it's their turn to start growing up with plans of their own.

on sunday we said good bye to this girl for the summer, and then all of next year. at the hugs i did start to tear up. not because she's leaving permanently, or not coming back - just the fact that's she's made it to the ''moving on'' stage i suppose. and that we won't get to see her all the time.

this is just the beginning for them. God has amazing things planned, and i know they can do great things. <3 so here's to the (bitter sweet) moving-ons. and realizations of growing up.

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