Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer2k13 - you were a good one.

Today is August twenty-fourth, aka: I start my junior year on monday. aka: my summer is one weekend from being over. I actually had a pretty sweet summer, i'm just not ready for it to be over and to move back into regular life. Can we please send summer back? or go back to africa. either one is good.
(read about my full africa experience here)
 I had an amazing week spent at the word of life island:

this was the day we said goodbye for four weeks. she shed tears that day.

meeting and making new friends is the best.

birthday surprises:

july 4th:

back from Africa, and reunited with my best friends:

hashtag i love them

''we're more than friends - we're like a really small gang.'' 
I'm soaking up the last pieces of summer today. very excited and ready for the new year (but not). if that makes any sense? ;)
peace-out summer 2 0 1 3 - you were pretty good.! x

(read here if you missed my last post of my heart on africa)


  1. ahh it's the same for me. I start my junior year on monday as well. craziness! ah. why did summer go so fast?!
    your pictures look like you had a pretty sweet summer!

  2. Just started my Junior year as well! I love, love your blog. Newest follower.
    I feel ya. It's bitter-sweet to say farewell to summer.
    Africa? Awesome summer. I'm going to read the previous post.