Friday, September 20, 2013

life in vsco iii

creative days |||

mail packages |||

love these (urbanears) |||

summer shades |||

my first maxi dress |||

that day i had to get glasses |||

enjoying that african blend (coffee from s africa) |||

mornings 'round here |||

hot chocolate, pajama pants, and sweatshirt days |||

favorite sweatshirt mornings |||

donut days |||

messy buns and sonic (our first time) |||

i like to be different and wear my headbands like this. and my best friend called me a hippie. |||

school days outside |||

typical white girl |||

my jam |||

school in august |||

taking advice from a friend, and keeping it saucey |||

soaking up these last summer-like days |||

a favorite lately: listen here


  1. Ha, sometimes we go to sonic more than once, on the same day. It's pretty sad! Love these pics Olivia!

  2. so much everyday happy in this post! and aren't maxi dresses just the best?? i adore mine. and i love that song. just yesterday i looked up more of his music and have been listening to it ever since. i found his song "when a heart breaks" from the october baby soundtrack (which is pretty much the best soundtrack on earth) and i loved it so much, but i never actually took the time to look him up till yesterday. :P

    1. ben rector is great, i think this one is my favorite though. :) and the october baby soundtrack is pretty lovely. thanks girl! :) xx

  3. vsco is the best thing everrrrrrrrrr. love to see these kinds of posts-just every day realness. and also you're gorgeous, too!

    I also recently just got my first maxi dress too. I'm in love with maxi dresses now. ;)