Monday, November 11, 2013

when they've got your back

"thanks for hanging out with me."

"no problem. you looked sad, and I consider you a friend. I don't want my friends sad. I got your back. and if you ever look sad again, I got your back."

friday my night didn't start the best, but it went up and up. I started talking and laughing and yelling and singing and having fun. I got to spend time with one friend. he wanted me to have a good time and take time with me. so my two friends and i played mini golf and cheered and talked and tried to catch prizes. we laughed a lot, made memories, and they just really made my day. super thankful for friendship. I had a good time, and was able to learn a friend a little deeper.

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  1. aww, i love friends like that. and your face in the first photo is adorable. ;)