Saturday, May 3, 2014

spending time with God (& my testimony on it)

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from the beginning of the year my time spent with God has become more and more real & evident in my life. it is one of my favorite parts of the day, to open up God's holy book and read the very words He has set out for me. prayer has also become more in my life and is now a part of my daily devotions. reading God's word guides you, refreshes you, prepares you and teaches you. I started with a new mindset about my daily time with God and reading its words with meaning several months ago. I came to a conclusion that through rough times (and great times!) there is no better option than to be in the Word and search out things. God's word & prayer is a needed thing in the Jesus follower's life. if you don't already spend time with God on a daily basis, I encourage to start doing so today. it will help you and grow you in more ways than you even know! 

I just finished a you version bible plan by she reads truth this past week. it was a study on women in the Bible - it pulls and looks through stories of various women in the bible. I am planning on starting a new study soon. I definitely recommend she reads truth (which you can find the link to here) and their bible plans via the bible app/
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LUKE 1:45 - "blessed is she who believes that the Lord fulfills His promises to her."

I want to run after God so hard it is what I am known for. the best advice I really can give you is chase after God and never look back. 

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  1. Love this, lady! <3 Your heart is so beautiful.