Saturday, September 6, 2014

new beginnings

your last year in highschool doesn't always mean you're "growing up". I am beginning my last year of highschool and as it seems i'm growing up, it really depends on the person, maturity, and where you are in life. I was asked by a young girl, "are you scared...being a senior?" I wouldn't say so much as scared. nervous, anxious, & excited - not quite scared.

I'm asked by young and old, "what are your plans? do you have a career avenue? what have you been thinking about?" my usual answer is, "honestly, i'm not sure right now." in the past months, I have learned that I am not the only one who is at this point, unsure, or puzzled. but sometimes, something in me still freaks out...that I have to know, that I have to find out, and that I need to pursue a schooled career in order to thrive. I try to depend on that God has me where He wants and will put the decisions in my life when I need to make them. maybe right now isn't the time for me to have next year planned out. 

I am graduating beside three of my best friends, and I couldn't have it better. I feel ready and I don't. I have mixed feelings about most of it. this year is filled with new beginnings, and that part excites me. it starts to feel right as life begins to unravel. I am going on: not freaking out, pursuing things slowly, enjoying life, and soaking up the memories of the coming year. God is good and He has plans - some of them I may not even know about yet. and that's okay, because this is life and I am here to live it. 

I encourage you (as a senior or not) to live the next year as your first. don't rush, don't panic. just trust.

this is it, we go!

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  1. YOU GO GIRL! You're gonna be the best senior around!

  2. Congrats, girl! I remember feeling the exact way you do (when I graduated 2 years ago)...
    So glad you're at peace in trusting God and His perfect timing. Remember that there's no rush. Seek His face first. Delight in Him. And all things will be added to you.

    P.S. You're beautiful.