Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2 0 1 4: R E W I N D

h i g h  l i g h t s:

/// SNOW CAMP /// (february)

/// 17 /// (june)

///CAMP & TRAINING WEEK/// (july)

///AFRICA ROUND TWO/// (august)

///MY SENIORS & BESTIES/// (october)


///VISITS/// (october)

///REVERB/// (november)

///CHRISTMAS DAY/// (december)
two thousand and fourteen was refresh, new things, different, trying, beautiful, crazy good, and graceful. I went new places, was tried with situations, had the ability to forgive, and new adventures were laid in my lap. God gives anew everyday and in every moment, and I definitely tasted that in this past year. in 2014: I got my driving permit, turned 17, went to uganda, visited friends, prayed hard, read 14 books, and made one of the best friendships of my life.

two thousand and fifteen --- striving for a beautiful new year and to make everyday of it the best day of my life. 

I encourage and inspire YOU to start with your own fresh plate this year, believe in forgiveness, and do things you can't even imagine.

how was your 2014 and what did it teach you? 


  1. I LOVE YOU!! Praying 2015 is an amazing things for you with WONDERFUL things in store! Also, can I just restate how gorgeous you are? because wow!!!

  2. oh, i love this and being able to see a peak into your life.
    2014 was quite the adventure for me too. (and as for the lessons it taught me, it's all in a big blog post i posted earlier. ;))