Wednesday, July 22, 2015

summer 2k15

this summer is:

- teaching me how to function on long days
- stretching me in body, mind, & heart
- meeting lots of new people
- living on camp food
- learning how to be focused
- burying me deeper and deeper in God's word and His presence

.... and it's only half over.

this summer I am away from my home and family for two months. camp and work is tiring & stretching, but it really is fun day in and day out. today I had off of my work area and it was a refreshing time in prayer and God's word, something I need to take more time with more often. it is truly good for the soul.

"the heartbeat of my life is to worship in Your light. Your glory is so beautiful." 
- all sons and daughters

Just Jesus, I, .... and a little bit of coffee.

I hope your summer is going as lovely, beautiful, and adventurous as mine. (tell me about it in the comments!) x