Tuesday, September 13, 2016

plan + goals + motivation

"it's a good week to have a good week".

in result to being motivated by this quote, I am realizing that every week should be good, every week should be productive, and every week should teach something new. 

this week really needed a lot of motivation for myself. I mostly had things that needed to get done around the house, so if I didn't give myself an opportunity to get going, it was going to be very unproductive. on monday I did start a little slow, but it was definitely better than not trying at all. I want to focus on one word that is important in relation to all of this. :: t r y  :: no goal is ever perfect, but I think the word "try" screams effort.

here is my collaboration of things I have found helpful and that work for me (which I am still currently working on) :
- try getting up earlier. if you don't have work, an appointment, or event that doesn't call you to get up early, still try to get up at a time that works for you and keeps you motivated. (note: I used the word "earlier",  not "early"). I have been shooting for 7:45/8ish. it hasn't happened every morning, but I do set my alarm and at least shoot for it.
- study the bible. if you are not use to doing this, I highly recommend making it a habit and putting it at the beginning of your day, although what ever time works with your schedule is up to you. along with this, pray & memorize scripture.
    - get into a routine. I am still definitely working on this myself. getting yourself into a morning/nightly routine can help your motivation in getting the day started and prepping for the next one (at night). a great idea for a morning routine is starting with the most important things. I read on a blog that it is a good idea to leave the "fun" things as rewards for yourself later on. for example: clean and do laundry - then scroll through instagram or pinterest. these are simple and easy ways to live life to the fullest!
      - make a list. get out your planner, piece paper or post-it-note the night before and write down in a list format what needs to get done. if you can't think of anything pressing that needs to get accomplished, think of some creative things to make yourself productive. here are some examples: exercise your body, read a book (if you don't have one on hand, take a trip to the library), clean or sort through something that hasn't been touched in quite sometime (maybe that bottom drawer of your desk or donate clothing from your closet), make a new recipe (even a latte!).
        - exercise your body. this can be as simple as taking a walk, bike ride, or just stretching. I need to work on this one as well. I am most motivated with things like this in the morning/early afternoon times, so I would suggest putting it near the top of the list. again, just do what works for you.
          - journal/get creative/think. I don't journal much, and it's not usually a thing where I write out my direct thoughts. I have a bible study journal which contains my personal notes and I also have my bullet journal, which consists mostly of a personal & creative planner. it helps keep me getting what I need to get done and is slowly becoming a creative outlet. the idea is to get creative, in whatever way that might be for you. I also enjoy taking photos, so you could get creative in that way. maybe handwriting or calligraphy could be your outlet - pinterest is a great place for all ideas & inspiration.
            SO: make this week (and every week) a good week!

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            1. A good list for 2017 goals!
              I hope that God will bless your goals as you inspire others along the way.
              Glitzy Girl