Monday, January 2, 2017

another year of - g r a c e -

it's twenty thousand and seventeen.
it's another day.
it's new mornings.

i'm not making a list of resolutions...or even goals.
those kind of lists never work for me, so instead of making up things I think I need to work on and writing them down, I am going to focus. focus in on real life and my day to day goals.
often times we get too worked up on following something exactly and if we don't, we dislike ourselves for it. i'm learning to be okay with schedules and lists not always being perfect to a "t". but instead, being thankful for what does happen.

I slept in late today and my devotions and personal prayer time didn't happen until 8 o'clock pm. but I ended up being okay with that. it was a perfect time, because that's when He spoke to me and encouraged me and gave me more than I deserve.

>> abide in God and bask in His amazing grace <<

whatever your goals may be, let this foremost be another year of God's grace.

always remember: we are in this together. we can keep each other accountable. never be afraid to call another sister or friend for help throughout your journey this year.

wake up. love God. love people. (and maybe even conquer the world)

Xo happy 2k17!

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