Friday, January 8, 2016

a real good year (2015)

I almost didn't write this and I don't even know if I have much to say. I think I can say what I want to about this past year in a short and sweet way. :::

I had a great year, and I really mean that.

I graduated high school and started college. the hardest thing probably was graduation and that was just a transition that still seems a little weird.

I started dating my love and became so very thankful that he is my best friend.

I turned 18 and still don't have my license.

I chopped 12 inches off my hair (and kinda, sorta regret it).

I started mentoring a young girl.

I made new friendships that I cherish over and over.

I lost my doggy and it still breaks my heart, but I am grateful that he gave us all of the times and memories to remember him by.

God really blessed my year. sometimes He does things out of the water like that. it's like He was thinking, "two thousand and fifteen is going to be a real good year."

and it was.

~ two thousand sixteen...what do you have for us? ~

how was your twenty fifteen? x


  1. aw i love this post liv!!! you're a gem and I'm so glad you had a happy year!!!

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely 2015. I pray your 2016 is blessed <3