Saturday, March 5, 2016

an experience: snow camp 2k16

as we head into the close of our last weekend of snow camp, here is what I learned most out of the past seven weeks. >>> 

last weekend I learned and was reminded of things that I didn't even know needed to be brought to my attention. to put into words what I learned and what I felt is kind of hard. I don't want to sound cliche and I don't want to say what every one else says, because every person's experience is different. I have to say, saturday evening as I sat in the rally and worshiped among this thought, God brought some things to my heart and mind.

"Oh God let us be a generation that seeks Your face, O God of Jacob"

- am I a generation that seeks this and am I leading our generation in a way to seek this? -

I was convicted lately and this weekend that I need to genuinely worship God way more often. I don't take enough time to worship my creator with intent on a daily basis. reading the bible is one thing and worshiping God through it is another. God gives us an image of our relationship with Him to that of a marriage. being intimate with God is a privilege we have and not one I take advantage of enough.

this snow camp season I learned that as I counseled other girls, they counseled me. the teenagers I had the opportunity to interact with don't even know the impact they had on my life. just when you think you've reached the end of your patience and the end of your energy, God comes in and gives you more of it.

the end of this ministry is coming to a close tomorrow, but the fruit of our labor is just beginning.

so long snow camp, you taught me lots.

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